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Game 01: No Rain Today

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This game started with the control scheme – an idea that’s been rattling around in my head for a while, waiting for a game to attach itself to. This is a fairly minimalist answer to that question, but it works for me. And I suspect these controls, or something similar, will find their way into a deeper game at some point.

This is my first game I’ve made in Processing, and it shows – there’s a distinct lack of art and sound assets, for one thing. Still, gameplay is gameplay, and I think a game made entirely out of ellipses has a certain degree of charm… maybe. Anyway, enough yammering from me. Go play it.

Hello world!

This is going to be a site where I create and upload a new game every week, written in Processing. I’ve still got a fair amount of organizing to do around here, but things should start being interesting within a week or two. Stay tuned!
Here’s a toy to play with while you wait.

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