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Our expert team of archaeoludologists has pored over the historical record, piecing together and translating ancient artifacts. We are pleased to finally be able to present a scientifically-accurate reconstruction of one of the very first forms of electronic entertainment, in a playable form for the first time this millennium: SPACEOUT COMBREAK VADERMAND!

On a less absurdly counterfactual note, this game is a classic example of what happens when my game-designer instincts seize upon a goofy “what if” premise and run with it. In this case, “what if someone came across a description of several classic arcade games, mistook them for a single game, and tried to make a game that fit that description?” Something like a round of Telephone as applied to game mechanics, I suppose. Anyway, you should probably just try it and see what I mean. Go play Spaceout!

Game 05: Spaceout Combreak Vadermand: a Historical Reconstruction, 4.7 out of 5 based on 7 ratings