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I got a little ambitious this week, resulting in me making my upload deadline by a matter of seconds (and not giving the game a proper writeup until now). Dragondot is my take on the action-rpg/action-adventure genre, inspired by the likes of Zelda and Crystalis. (And by not being able to justify shelling out fifteen bucks for Pokemon Rumble, but I digress.) I’ve learned a lot from the making of this game (such as “don’t try writing an action RPG in a week”, and how to make circles adorable), but I think I’m going to aim for something a bit simpler next week. Preferably not involving circles, as I’m quite sick of them after yesterday’s panicked 7-hour coding spree.

Anyway. Go play Dragondot!

Game 06: Dragondot, 4.8 out of 5 based on 18 ratings