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Game 13: The Floor is Lava

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This week’s game is about reckless stupidity in the face of adversity. This game was also my Ludum Dare 17 entry (I’ve slightly tweaked the difficulty curve in the version posted here based on feedback after the competition deadline). Jump from sinking island to sinking island, making it as far as you can across the lava pool before inevitably perishing. Collect ice cubes to restore coolth, or pass them up in order to be even more impressive.

This game is dedicated to myself, without whom none of this would have been possible.

Go kobold go!

Game 12: One to Tango

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This week’s game is my EGP April challenge submission – the theme was “Repeat”, and after some brainstorming I decided on a game idea of “puzzle-platformer in a layered time loop”. Inspirations include Braid, Cursor*10, and (to a very minor extent) Eversion. The last level is particularly fiendish – I had difficulty beating it, myself! Those of you who appreciate a hardcore challenge in this sort of game should be pleased with it, I think.

Incidentally, the protagonist’s name is Hatbox, and you’re likely to see him return in a future game.


Intermission: Motes

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Ugh. I’ve been quite ill this week, and couldn’t manage to make the game I intended. (I’ve got something planned for my April EGP submission. You’ll most likely see it next week.) Even when I’m under the weather, though, I have to release something on Wednesdays. So I made a shiny swirly toy thing. Check it out.

Game 11: Waterfall Bomb

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This week, as with many weeks, I started with a mechanic I wanted to explore – in this case, surviving by finding cover. The obvious scenario that lends itself to this mechanic is, of course, rocks and bombs tumbling down a waterfall. And naturally with a premise like that, you simply can’t name the game anything other than Waterfall Bomb. (Yes, it’s been a long week.)

I suppose this game could be thought of as the opposite of last week’s Core Breach, in a way. But this is not last week. This is this week, and that means you get to play Waterfall Bomb.


That’s right, apparently one of my games has become popular enough to garner some fanart. It was posted in the comments, but I wanted to put a link to it here so it could get the attention it deserves: A unique interpretation of Dragondot. Complete with kobolds!

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