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Income has been sparse lately, so I’m trying something a little unusual: people who donate to the site get to pick the titles of upcoming games. Here’s how this’ll work:

  • You make a donation through my nifty Paypal button. Use the “add special instructions” link to request a game title.
  • I will keep a chart of donations made (and corresponding titles) in the sidebar. At 11:59 PM Pacific time on Sunday, the top-ranked donation determines the title for the following week’s game, and that title gets removed from the list (moving the next one up the chart). Ties go to the earliest submission.
  • You determine the title, but I make no guarantees about how I’ll interpret it in making the game. However, chances are very good that it’ll be a substantial source of inspiration – if you want “Dragondot’s Extreme Beach Volleyball”, I’m not likely to make it a shmup.
  • This should go without saying, but: nothing spammy (“Game #N: visit”), patently offensive (according to my own judgment), libelous, or trademark-infringing. If this happens I may, at my discretion, email you to offer you another chance to choose a title. This is something fun I’m doing to thank people for supporting my games, not a service I’m selling.
  • I will be selecting donation-titles on July 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th. If this experiment goes well, it will continue past that point – otherwise, it’ll be back to my usual idiosyncractic naming.

Game 21: Much Worse

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Somehow you’ve gotten yourself stranded on an island surrounded by lava. Meteors are raining down upon you. All you have to defend yourself with is a limitless supply of hand grenades. Things really couldn’t get Much Worse.

Game 20: Icarace

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This is another experiment with one-button controls. In designing and tuning this game, I found myself trying to strike a balance between “fun” and “thought-provoking”. In the end, it came down to a single variable I could adjust, and I went with a middle ground between game-as-game and game-as-artistic-statement. Hopefully it still works as both; as always, I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments. If there’s enough of a consensus one way or the other I may end up adjusting the aforementioned variable just to mess with you guys. :P

This game is dedicated to the people who bother to read these posts. (Yes, you!) Go play Icarace!

On Feedback

So, Dragondot’s Sky was recently featured on Jay is Games. I was initially quite excited by this, as it’s certainly the game I’ve put the most work, dedication, and passion into to date. The critical reception there, however, has been… less than inspiring, shall we say.

Dragondot’s sky was a huge failure in my eyes. The controls were crummy, and the soundtrack was a piece of sh!t. well at least on my laptop, because for some reason, the soundtrack kept skipping and sounding all cr@ppy.

Dragondot’s Sky was beyond screwed up. With that control scheme, I would have had a hard time even going through a maze – much less trying to chase and shoot moving enemies. You’re controlling a circle – and it’s not as simple as “Holding the right arrow key makes you rotate clockwise?” And how could a game with such sparse graphics, terrible AI, terrible music, and terrible EVERYTHING take that long to load?

Ouch. I’ll be the first to acknowledge that I’ve made some mediocre games, but I’m frankly stunned that this game has inspired such a degree of vitriol. My weekly games are something I do for myself, but when times are tough the encouragement of others is what helps keep me going. This, though, is not terribly encouraging – nor does it provide me anything I can work with to improve in the future. The music sounds “cr@ppy” on your laptop? Thanks for letting me know, but when making my games I have a) one week, b) one computer, c) one person (myself) to test and debug. I can’t fix an issue that I can’t reproduce myself, and a week is not exactly enough time to run betas and focus groups. I’m immensely grateful for the rest of you here that give me feedback that I can learn from and act on (such as the changes made to enemy advancement rates in Dragondot’s Sky). Please continue to do so – the more I can learn, the more I can improve, and that means better games for all of you. =)

And to those whose puppy my game has apparently kicked: My sincerest apologies. Hold the right arrow key to rotate clockwise.


A change I’ve been planning for a while, and current circumstances (roommate moving out) make it worthwhile to do so now – new games will now be posted on Sunday nights rather than Wednesdays. This gives me a larger contiguous chunk of time to work on games, and also a bit more flexibility in my ongoing job search. Thanks for staying tuned, and I’ll have a cool game for you folks on Sunday. =)

Game 19: Shellbreak

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The current EGP theme is “casual addiction”. This is one of my explorative games on that theme – basically, seeing how casually-addictive I can make a shmup-type game. So this is kind of a nontraditional shmup: you can’t die, everything is about time and score. You have 2 minutes to get as many points as you can, using your laser-zap to break the big things and bullets to destroy the small things. There’s not even any title or game over screen to slow you down, if you want to hop right back into the action. Give it a shot, and please post feedback in the comments. =)

Go play Shellbreak!

Soundtrack released!

Go get it!

Game 18: Dragondot’s Sky

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It’s finally here – the sequel to the much-beloved Dragondot! It’s kind of hard to explain all the sources of inspiration that went into this, so you should probably just try it out (and feel free to guess in the comments). Be patient with the download – I wrote a ton of songs for this one, so it may take a bit.
Oh – one more thing that may not be obvious at first: if you move into an area with 20% threat or higher, you’ll be forced to fight rather than passing through.

What are you waiting for? Go play it!

A bit late

Hit a showstopper bug at the last minute. Bear with me…

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