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Now a forum!

So I just realized that those of you who follow me by RSS wouldn’t have been notified of the latest change I’ve made, which is converting my website’s front page to a forum in order to better organize updates on the various projects I have, and the discussion thereof. Just check out to see updates and screenshots of my latest project, and feel free to register or login with OpenID to comment on it! (If you have issues with the registration process, feel free to leave a comment here so I can find out about and fix it.)

What I’ve been up to lately

Sorry for the long silence! I’ve had a handful of things on my plate, and haven’t actually been keeping you all posted on it. So, to catch up:

My Ludum Dare 24 game, Dragoncore Overdrive – an arcade-style game that’s sort of a spiritual kin to Dragondot.

My latest published game, Star Glaive – a huge, highly-polished expansion on my Stargrazing concept.

And lastly, something different: LegendGear, a Minecraft mod I’ve been working on.

This week’s Friday Prototype turned out mostly not at all like what I expected it to be, but instead became something far trippier. Still, an interesting aesthetic effect, and I may make proper use of it at some point.

In other news, I contributed a few things to Ben Lehman’s Hourly Game Day project. I didn’t manage the full hourly pace, but it was certainly an interesting exercise.

Lastly, Andreas Illiger has credited Wavespark as an inspiration for his game Tiny Wings, which was pretty cool of him. :)

(Also, I realized that I never linked to my Ludum Dare 22 game, Embers, which managed to rank 11th (out of 717) in the new Mood category.)

Dragondot revisited!

The updated and improved Flash version of Dragondot is now up on Newgrounds and Kongregate, and on our sponsor site Age of Games which has the exclusive Endless Survival mode! Enjoy!

So, a lot’s been keeping me busy lately – getting back into school, my computer croaking, Ludum Dare 21 (two days after my computer croaking), and getting some of my top games ported to Flash. The results of all of this:

  • Planetary Mission, my (not very good due to lack of computer) Ludum Dare 21 entry, made in Flixel!
  • Missilebreak Outvaders, a renamed Flash port of Spaceout, up on Newgrounds and doing quite well for itself!
  • A significantly improved and expanded Flash port of Dragondot, licensed to an actual sponsor for a tidy sum, coming soon to a variety of flash game portals near you!

what is this I don’t even

Dragondot HD

It’s been quiet around here…

…but that’s about to change. Know why?


You stoked? I’m stoked. Got a pack of Mountain Dew, a fridge full of junkbrain food, and an itch to Make Some Game. Let’s DO this thing!

Game 46 progress report

9:30pm Got most of the core mechanics going, and have added some sounds. Need a break, so I’m putting up what I have here for now. Still no score or loss condition.

Drawn Onward

So, I’ve got a year’s worth of game designing and prototyping under my belt at this point, and I’m getting the feeling that it’s time for me to move on to projects that are a bit more ambitious in scope. There’s a few directions I’m looking at going with this, and I’d like to hear what you all think:

  • Rework one or more of my existing games for a mobile platform and publish it through an app store
  • Create a proper PC game of a moderate scope, similar to The Polynomial, and put it up for sale
  • Create a PC game of an ambitious scope, with a Wolfire-style public development process, either solo or with a small team
  • Finish and publish a non-computer game, such as the card-based tactical game I’ve been working on
  • Something else I haven’t thought of yet – suggestions?

My overall mission is to create a game that is financially successful within a year; my personal deadline for picking a project and starting work on it is the end of this month.

Also, Dessert Stressed will be going up tomorrow night – need to keep my game-making skills honed. :)

Setting the record straight

Okay, it seems a number of people are either inadvertently misinterpreting or willfully misrepresenting my stance here, so for the record:
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