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Game 46 progress report

9:30pm Got most of the core mechanics going, and have added some sounds. Need a break, so I’m putting up what I have here for now. Still no score or loss condition.

Game 45 progress report

Nearing completion. Stayed up all night coding. Have been awake for over 24 hours. More later.


Game 44 progress report

Sorry for the slow progress on this one. Been spending a lot of time sorting out weird bugs rather than actually implementing gameplay. It’s not a game yet, but you can see what I have so far here.

1/17/11 7:47pm – Starting to look more gamelike.
1/17/11 8:40pm – Delayed further on account of spilt Spaghettios.

Game 40 progress report

So, my apartment has recently become infested with ants. I find them quite distracting and distressing, especially when they’re crawling across my desk as I try to code. Perhaps as a coping mechanism, the puzzle game I was trying to make turned into an ant simulation instead. Turns out that for all their apparent creepy sophistication, they’re pretty much just dumb little twitchy Turing machines (or at least can be convincingly modeled as such).

I’m feeling a bit better, but this doesn’t even remotely resemble a game yet.

Game 37 progress report

11/14/2010 11:28pm
Background, music, physics all working. AI working adequately (but not great). Still to do: title screen, sounds, particle effects, character selection, additional characters, HUD.

11/15/2010 3:54am
Tweaked physics, broke AI, fixed AI, broke targeting algorithm, fixed targeting algorithm, tuned AI, spent hour mostly losing against AI. Progress! And yet all aforementioned unimplemented features remain unimplemented.

11/17/2010 8:35pm
Sounds, particles, HUD, and kobold implemented. Taking a break to clear my mind.

11/20/2010 7:40pm
Sorry, been procrastinating. Mostly got boring menu stuff left to do. Hoping to get it all wrapped up tonight.

11/20/2010 11:58pm
Menus working (and snazzy)! Added additional shiny. Left to do: additional characters, game win/loss stuff.

Game 36 progress report

10/14/2010 10:52pm
Basic mechanics implemented. No scoring or anything yet. Need to figure out how to make the visual design “readable” before adding anything else to it; possible moves are hard to see, and cursor is either too obstructive or not visible enough against the background noise.

10/17/2010 4:46pm
Sounds, scoring, and timer added.

See progress.

Game 35 progress report

10/05/2010 9:10pm
Menu system, one of approximately three tricky bits of this thing, seems to be working.

10/05/2010 10:13pm
Menu system improved; question and “tooltip” present now.

See progress.

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