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Game 39: Snake Oil

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This game is sort of like a cross between Asteroids and the classic snake game. Only you spin the stuff instead of eating it or shooting it. And sometimes you catch on fire. And… yeah. Anyway.

This game’s title was provided by Jonathan McCoy.

Game 18: Dragondot’s Sky

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It’s finally here – the sequel to the much-beloved Dragondot! It’s kind of hard to explain all the sources of inspiration that went into this, so you should probably just try it out (and feel free to guess in the comments). Be patient with the download – I wrote a ton of songs for this one, so it may take a bit.
Oh – one more thing that may not be obvious at first: if you move into an area with 20% threat or higher, you’ll be forced to fight rather than passing through.

What are you waiting for? Go play it!

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