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Game 38: Excessive Bludgeoning

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Another tiny simple game, intended to be nothing more than what it is. It’s good to do stuff like this sometimes. Enjoy.

This game’s title was provided by Chris Triolo.

Game 04: Wavespark

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This is another one of those games that’s been sitting in my head for a while. It’s a simple premise – use one button to control gravity in a hilly environment, and go as fast as you can. Inspirational sources include Excite Truck and Sonic the Hedgehog, both of which have a joyful “use your surroundings to go fast” aspect to them. I’m very satisfied with how well the game worked out, overall – it’s easily my favorite so far from this project.

A brief rundown of the game modes:
Distance: Scoring is based entirely on how far you get before running out of time. Hit checkpoints to extend time.
Bonus: Earn points by making jumps, nailing landings, and hitting checkpoints.
Time Attack: A combination of Distance and Bonus scoring, with a limited timer and no checkpoints.
Free Play: Sparksurf the waves in peace, with no time limit, scoring, checkpoints, or HUD to distract you.

Go play Wavespark!

Game 01: No Rain Today

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This game started with the control scheme – an idea that’s been rattling around in my head for a while, waiting for a game to attach itself to. This is a fairly minimalist answer to that question, but it works for me. And I suspect these controls, or something similar, will find their way into a deeper game at some point.

This is my first game I’ve made in Processing, and it shows – there’s a distinct lack of art and sound assets, for one thing. Still, gameplay is gameplay, and I think a game made entirely out of ellipses has a certain degree of charm… maybe. Anyway, enough yammering from me. Go play it.

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