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Game 21: Much Worse

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Somehow you’ve gotten yourself stranded on an island surrounded by lava. Meteors are raining down upon you. All you have to defend yourself with is a limitless supply of hand grenades. Things really couldn’t get Much Worse.

Game 13: The Floor is Lava

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This week’s game is about reckless stupidity in the face of adversity. This game was also my Ludum Dare 17 entry (I’ve slightly tweaked the difficulty curve in the version posted here based on feedback after the competition deadline). Jump from sinking island to sinking island, making it as far as you can across the lava pool before inevitably perishing. Collect ice cubes to restore coolth, or pass them up in order to be even more impressive.

This game is dedicated to myself, without whom none of this would have been possible.

Go kobold go!

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