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Game 41: Circus Peanuts

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This is my entry for Ludum Dare #19, “Discovery”. There’s a lot I didn’t get to (like more than 3 kinds of enemies, geography besides bushes, and stuff in chests besides peanuts). Even so, there’s still plenty to discover (check out the megadungeon at (-20, -142, 0) if you have some time on your hands). Go explore.

This game’s title was provided by Jonathan McCoy.

Game 33: Flower, Ewe, Werewolf

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Bleh. This is, I think, the most dissatisfied I’ve been with a game. I’ve been struggling with a severe case of designer’s block for most of the week (and, I must admit, let myself get distracted by Minecraft), and only really had some idea of what I’d be doing with the game this morning. While there are some interesting facets of the game from a technical standpoint, it really just isn’t much fun as it stands, and I don’t have any ideas how to fundamentally improve it from here. (Needless to say, I didn’t bother applying any audio or graphical fanciness to it – an idiom about things that can’t be polished comes to mind.) Feel free to give it a shot anyway.

To all my loyal fans: Thanks for sticking around, even when I screw up sometimes.

This game’s title was provided by Nathan Wilson.

Game 02: Stargrazing

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This game’s premise was largely inspired by games like Ikaruga and Giga Wing – I’ve always found the ability to turn your enemy’s attacks against them to be very satisfying in games, and so I decided to make a game that revolved centrally around that concept. Given the time constraint (and the amount of time taken coding the engine), it seemed best to go with a procedural difficulty curve rather than trying to orchestrate proper levels.

Sound effects were made with sfxr (except for the 1up jingle, which I did in PXTone). Code-wise, this game’s a bit cleaner than the last one, but there’s still some things that are rather boneheaded in retrospect.

Join us next week, when NMcCoy attempts to make art assets out of something other than ellipses! Until then… Go play Stargrazing!

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