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Game 19: Shellbreak

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The current EGP theme is “casual addiction”. This is one of my explorative games on that theme – basically, seeing how casually-addictive I can make a shmup-type game. So this is kind of a nontraditional shmup: you can’t die, everything is about time and score. You have 2 minutes to get as many points as you can, using your laser-zap to break the big things and bullets to destroy the small things. There’s not even any title or game over screen to slow you down, if you want to hop right back into the action. Give it a shot, and please post feedback in the comments. =)

Go play Shellbreak!

Game 16: Warped!

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The something big is still underway – I wasn’t close enough to completing it yesterday, and I want it to be thoroughly polished when I do release it. So for this week, I made my entry for the monthly EGP challenge, “High Velocity”.
Z to fire, arrow keys to move, and as usual M mutes and P pauses. Warped!

Game 02: Stargrazing

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This game’s premise was largely inspired by games like Ikaruga and Giga Wing – I’ve always found the ability to turn your enemy’s attacks against them to be very satisfying in games, and so I decided to make a game that revolved centrally around that concept. Given the time constraint (and the amount of time taken coding the engine), it seemed best to go with a procedural difficulty curve rather than trying to orchestrate proper levels.

Sound effects were made with sfxr (except for the 1up jingle, which I did in PXTone). Code-wise, this game’s a bit cleaner than the last one, but there’s still some things that are rather boneheaded in retrospect.

Join us next week, when NMcCoy attempts to make art assets out of something other than ellipses! Until then… Go play Stargrazing!

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